I am an artisan leather designer and craftsman. My work is strongly influenced by traditional Eastern European hand crafts which I combine with simplicity, a love of colours and a great appreciation for natural leather as my raw material.
I’m intrigued to find ever more innovative ways to create beautiful art and craft objects. I find the strength, texture and durability of leather lends itself to the classic lines and simple elegance of my designs. My leather works age beautifully, developing a glossy patina with time and wear. My interest in organic design has led me to source unusual fastenings, clasps and closures that have become distinctive features in my products.
I search for unusual colours, textures and unique finishes that compliment the simplicity and durability of my design and craftmanship.
I offer workshops and short courses to the general public. I extend these to cover the therapeutic aspects of leather-crafts when I run uniquely tailored courses for people with special needs.
Please contact me via the contact page to receive notifications of upcoming events, enquire about a piece of my work or find out about workshops.